‘New Forest School is a place where everyone is important; every student has a voice and every voice can be heard.’

End Of Term Celebration

Due to the long term forecast for continued hot weather we have made alterations top our planned End of Term Celebration Day.

This will now start at 12:30 at the School Farm, Bartley with our Hog Roast followed by the awards ceremony and performances in the large Marquee.

Students will undertake fun activities at school in the morning rather than the planned sports day events. This protects students from being exposed to the sun for an extended period particularly given the lack of shade available at our school farm.

My child now is continually growing in confidence and made some enormous achievements both academically and personally, some of which may not have ever been achievable with out the support and positivity of all the staff members.

Yr 11 Parent

I like the support teachers give you when you are sad or struggling.

I like everyone at New Forest School. It is a really good School.

Student Survey Results 2015

The team clearly understood my child within a short period time and are always at hand to answer questions from either pupil or parent.

I can finally feel relaxed about school and my child’s future will most certainly be bright.

Yr 11 Parent